• A Night at The Flower Fields: The Carlsbad Field to Vase Dinner

    Last Thursday, invited by American Grown Flowers, I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields for the “Field to Vase Dinner.” This is a dinner like no other, where we were surrounded by a sea of vibrant Ranunculus overlooking the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed live music, great company, and the beauty of American Grown […]

  • Family Vacation: A Day in Savannah, GA

    Our family Easter break road trip ended in Charleston as I reported in my last post, but it actually started in Florida, where we visited Tampa, Sarasota, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. After Florida we reached beautiful Savannah, Georgia, the only place where we spent 2 nights, and today I want to share some of our […]

  • Family Vacation: A Day in Charleston SC

    Happy Monday, my dear friends! We are back in Los Angeles after a little Easter break road trip to the Southeastern area of the U.S. I timed the trip for Red Bear’s school break so he could come along, but we had some business to attend to in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, so time […]

  • Family Weekend Fun: Lancaster LA County Air Show

    This post isn’t one I planned to write, but we just came back from such a fun little family getaway so close to home that I feel I must share it! I was invited by my friends at Destination Lancaster to visit that city in the high desert of north Los Angeles County, to visit […]

  • Food and Restaurant
  • LA Event: Celebrating Chinese New Year with The Ritz-Carlton and Wolfgang Puck

    One thing I like about living in Los Angeles, it’s all the various cultures, nationalities, and life styles that live here.  L.A. is one of the world’s great cities, always changing, and a dynamic crossroads of East and West — a great melting pot of people.  There are endless adventures inside the city, always something […]

  • Family Weekend Getaway In Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

    Last weekend, we were invited for a family “getaway weekend” to stay at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa , in Riverside, just a little over an hour’s drive away from Los Angeles.  While we were there, I was invited to attend their “Wedding Showcase” on Sunday. In Chinese: 上个周末,应Mission Inn Hotel & Spa 酒店的邀请,我们一家去酒店度过了一个小周末,并参加了酒店举行的“ 婚庆展”。 酒店历史悠久,修道院酒店于1876年起开始迎接它的第一批客人,百年来混血翻新了欧洲不同时期的建筑风格:西班牙哥特,摩尔复兴,地中海,文艺复兴。。。收藏了很多欧亚真品,现在又溶和了不少加州现代建筑风格。 美国多位总统下塌此地,肯尼迪,尼克松,里根,布什。。。社会知名人士,福特,洛克费洛,赫氏古堡的主人,甚至爱因斯坦。。。 我是第一次参加“婚庆展”,反正婚礼上要用到的都可以在展览中找到,包括用花,化妆师,布台,摄影师,蛋糕等等。RB一路品尝蛋糕试品,我就在一直的拍花,哈哈。住在加州想去体会一下或者对婚礼策划感兴趣的朋友不妨上她家网站看看。 The […]