Family Weekend Fun: Brunch & Pool Party

I have heard the same from many other parents: when you have children, most of your time is all about them. And when choosing all our activities now, we mostly consider, “Are kids welcome?” In Chinese: 做了爸妈的朋友们都知道了,有了小孩子,闲暇时光都是围着小朋友转。 所以休闲度假什么的,都会考虑说那地方是不是适合小朋友。

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, My dear ones. We wish you ? a great Valentine’s Day, filled with endless laughter, hugs, flowers, and love. 现在说可能有点晚了,但还是要祝亲爱的你们,情人节快乐!或者说,祝你每一天都快乐,每一天都有笑声,每一天都有拥抱有鲜花,每一天都有爱环绕。