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Last Friday, I had to go to downtown to one government building for something. I feel I haven’t worn a business suit for long long time, and I set off the security scanner alarm when I got went through it — the security guy immediately asked me to take my shoes off and get through the scanner again, everything was fine after that!!! I started thinking what kind of lessons those security guys been taking? They must have been taught woman’s shoes has kind of dangerous stuff inside, and be careful!!! hahaha….Have a happy weekend everyone!

In Chinese: 上周五, 因为一些事情要到市中心的一些政府办公大楼. 觉得已经有很长很长一段时间没有穿得这么OL和正规了. 进入安检门的时候, 居然把安检门闹得瓜瓜叫, 呵呵…保安马上让我把鞋子脱了, 再走一次, 果然一切正常. 过后我开始在想象这些保安们平常都是接受何种的教育, 肯定有一些课程有教导说女人的鞋子里有某种危险物质, 一定要小心什么的!!!哈哈….祝大家周末愉快!

Zara blouse and skirt

Carven Pumps

Prada Bag

Ray Ban Sunglasses

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  1. I agree with the security man. Long legs in high heels can be EXTREMELY dangerous!

    1. 😛 那也是对男人的危险吧~~~

      1. 危险概念不一样!!!:D

    2. but I think for security man, all high heels are dangerous…no matter short or long legs!!! 😀 you know what I mean, and I know what your mean:D

  2. 这一身特别的温良恭俭让~~~衬衣很美很端庄~~像传说中的日本女人~~

    1. 这个,,,,为什么总有人说我象日本女人呢? ^^

  3. 又見這雙有翅膀的夢想鞋了~可愛> <
    Prada Bag是新購入的嗎?顏色是酒紅色吧?!很高雅呢~

    1. 哈哈! 我现在知道你是什么时候开始看我的博客的了…这包包是两年前我生日老公送的礼物….颜色是酒红色, 秋冬天很配衣服, 所以夏天的时候我少有背:D

      1. 自從開始看妳的博客,就深深愛上妳了。往後妳博客的每一天,我都不會缺席的。愛妳~


        1. 嘻嘻….话说亲爱的, 你是从哪里知道我的博客的? 我也很开心在这里遇上你呢…

          1. 我是從chictopia和LOOKBOOK上知道妳的。

  4. Gorgeous!Love the heels and the shirt!

  5. So cute!! I need that skirt!

    1. Thanks Yin:D

  6. You look amazing Hallie! Love the buttoned up shirt!

  7. amazing outfit *o*

  8. 嘻嘻~好久没见这双长耳朵的鞋子了,隔这么久玩一次“职业”很有趣吧?

    1. 我开始在想象看看职场打扮是什么样的? 呵呵…

  9. 这包包很久没见你背了,这身打扮也让我想起了最初关注你博客时的感觉,hallie真是越来越美!

    1. 嗯嗯, 我自己也对这包有一种独特的感情, 不过话说回来, 我不太敢回头去看以前的搭配. ^^

  10. hello mrs.Hallie 🙂
    you always look amazing more more and more days!! I miss reading your blog!!
    and this bussiness chic is so sexy and beautiful!! killer shoes!! the top and very cute skirt, perfect look!!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAH, mr. Bob, hahahahah! That was a good one 😛
    Ah, business outfit on you WOW!!! You know, sometimes I wish you worked in an office… I’m sure you’d rock many awesome and alternative business looks. But what can I do? lol! Just wish for a future job 😛 😛 It’s a gorgeous outfit nonetheless! And…the bird shoes. I don’t need to say more. The bird shoes! Perfection! I don’t think I would take them off at the security scanner. How could I be sure that the security guy wouldn’t steal them to give them to his girlfriend?! Aaaahh, Hallie wears Prada! How gorgeous is this baaaaag??? I LOVE IT!!!! Praaadaaa <3 Awesomeness!!!
    I wish you a nice start of the week, Hal! <3 I'll see you again next weekend! Many kisseees!

    1. hahaah,,,,you know I do miss working on office too. I feel I am so out in so many ways now, like I don’t active in facebook, don’t tweet, sighs….when I was working as a business woman in China, I never left house without my phone, now? I always ask: where is my phone??? hahaha…
      how was your weekend? I hope you got some fun beside studying? XOX

  12. Those shoes are too cute !

  13. you just look perfect!!!! ahhhhh jelous!!!!! lol u look beautiful:)

    1. Thank you Ariel!!!! 😀

  14. 有趣的鞋子,漂亮的包包,我最爱的蓬蓬 群,这一身都让我流口水啊!

    1. 呵呵, 我现在好象也特别钟爱蓬蓬裙, 觉得很显腰身…:) 可爱的同时还很优雅…

  15. 真的很OL哦,很有女人味呢。Hallie上班的话应该也这样打扮吗?

    1. 要是上班的话, 我估计会选条再长点的裙子吧, 这条裙子好象在办公室短了点:)
      秋天选鞋子, 可选性就太强喽,,,什么类型的我都爱, 哈哈..

  16. This is a very slick look. The deep burgundy hue of that Prada bag makes the entire outfit look really refined!


  17. I love this look! You’ve got great style!


    P.S. Thx for entering my giveaway 🙂

  18. loving that top. i work in an office all day so i appreciate any and all the attempts to make business casual fun!
    ps, !

    1. Thank you Manding!:D

  19. I am so in love with that Prada bag and those shoes.

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  20. I love this look Hallie!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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