Birthday Outfit: Sequin + Feather Dress

I remember one time I sent a couple pair of my shoes to the shoe repair store to do some fixing job, and the owner’s wife asked me,” Where do you go wearing these fancy shoes? Do you go to fancy restaurants and parties very often?”  I just smiled and didn’t answer the question. But the truth? No, I don’t go to “fancy” restaurants often, it’s just that wearing “fancy” shoes and dressing decently and nice daily is just my kind of attitude toward life. If you buy nice clothes, it is just as easy to dress well as not.

I wore this Bebe dress to my birthday dinner with Bob last week.  The dress fit so well, it stayed up all night and didn’t budge! I like the way it looked so shining on top even in the dark light, and the bottom moved beautifully with just enough flirtiness.


In Chinese: 记得有一次拿了几双鞋子去修鞋店保修, 鞋店主人的妻子问我说:” 你有这么多又高又艳的鞋子, 都是去什么地方穿呀, 你是不是经常上高档餐厅或聚会什么的?”, 我当时只是笑笑, 没有做回答. 想知道答案吗? 其实, 我并不常去高档餐厅, 每天穿好鞋打扮漂亮, 只是我对生活的一种态度, 喜欢自己漂漂亮亮的过好每一天.

上周穿这条Bebe家的裙子和老公外出去享用我的生日晚餐,  裙子非常的合身, 和其他一些抹胸裙不同的是, 这条裙子整晚都没挪位也没往下掉. 非常喜欢裙子上半身的亮片设计, 昏暗灯光下也很闪, 而底部的羽毛设计让走动变得很漂亮, 一点点的煽情刚刚好;)


Bebe Sequined and Feather Dress

Zara Leather Jacket(old), Jimmy Choo Abel Metallic Lether Pumps,

Marc Jacobs Clutch(old, but the same style has the new color here), Prada Sunglasses

YSL Ring, J.Crew bracelet, D&G Watch

M.A.C. Ruby Woo Lips

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  1. January 22, 2013    


  2. January 22, 2013    

    That’s my kind of attitude.. Atta girl!! :) Btw, my birthday was last week too — hehe… Happy birthday to ya, kisses and more success to blogging and life.. Muwahhh!!

  3. January 22, 2013    

    could be something different than stunning? doubt it ♥♥♥

  4. avatar Joanne
    January 22, 2013    


  5. January 22, 2013    

    Happy B-day and you looked gorgeous!

  6. January 22, 2013    

    Dang, you look hot!! I love that last pic! Happy belated birthday, Hallie!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  7. avatar 看了又看
    January 22, 2013    


  8. avatar KawaiNingyou
    January 22, 2013    

    Your dress is amazing. Happy birthday.

    I totally agree with you. Your personal style says a lot about you and your attitude toward life. Is not necessary to go to nice places to dress nice. As you I prefer to dress nice on daily basis.

  9. January 23, 2013    

    That is perhaps the best birthday dress ever! It’s so beautiful and the red clutch matches it perfectly!


  10. avatar Ana
    January 23, 2013    

    Happy birthday Hallie! You looked amazing in this dress!

  11. January 23, 2013    

    Gorgeous birthday look! Love the dress and leather jacket combo, tough yet polished chic. I couldn’t agree more with you in regards to owning a bunch of “fancy” shoes- as people often ask me the exact same question, and I have the same answer! Love your heels- so shiny! :)