Red Lips and Polka Dot

HallieDaily Red Lips and Polka Dot 1

The other day, I wore this outfit to a fashion event. Before the event, I went with Bob to Red Bear’s school for the school parents’ meeting. I told Bob to go into the meeting room himself, while I waited for him in the school staff office.

Ms. Bea(she is a very nice lady and is one of the staff in Red Bear’s school) asked me, “Why wouldn’t you come in to the parents’ meeting?”

I said. “I’m too dressed up, and looking so different, and I don’t want to embarrass my son, and let other people think his mom is so different.”

My husband Bob said, “What are you talking about? Red Bear is always proud of who you are and how you look!” And Ms. Be a told me, “You look great! And what’s wrong with dressing up? People dress up for all kinds of reasons and occasions — there is no rule that says you shouldn’t be dressed up in some kind of occasions, even for a parents’ meeting.”

Most of the time, I like to wear something that “stands out”, but I do care what people think about me, and it simply just really hurts whenever I meet some Internet bullies.

Yesterday I had a young blogger write to me and ask me how do I treat all kind of Internet bullies. I gave a quote to her, and it’s for me, too. ” I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” —-Coco Chanel

In Chinese: 那天晚上有个与时尚相关的活动,所以我花了点心机,弄了这个造型。因为顺路,所以之前就先和RB爸爸与RB学校开家长会。到了学校,我和我先生说让他自己进去好了,我就在外面的教员室坐着等他。





昨天,有个刚写博的年轻博主给我来信,问我说要怎么对待网络上不良言论。我给了她一句名言,同时与送给自己共勉:“我不在乎你怎么看我,我根本不在乎你。”—-Coco Chanel

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Beaded and Jeweled Little Black Dress

HallieDaily: Beaded-Dress-Leather-Jacket 4

Happy Friday!

Finally, the weather is cooling off in L.A. after few weeks baking in the heat for us.  I can’t wait for the Autumn to come, although we will be miss swimming and having fun in the pool.

Scored this beaded dress from J.Crew’s sale (extra 30% off from all the final sale styles),  a very nice dress can be worn for a lot of occasions and many years.

In Chinese: 周五最开心了,虽然告别一周繁忙精彩的日子有点不舍,但小朋友不用做功课,负担少了很多。

经过了一段时间的高温煮煎似的日子, 洛杉矶今天终于凉快下来了,等不及迎接秋天,但也会怀念天天泡水池的日子。

J.Crew’s 家打折季买的这条小黑礼裙,属于那种不是特别招摇,但是也适合蛮多种场合穿的经典款。最近J.Crew’s 家都是所有打折品折上七折,很多单品或基本款都可以入呢。

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