Apr 202014

IMG_3816Happy Sunday! Everyone!

Today I am wearing a jacket from my dear friend Vivian Chan’s 2014 Spring collection.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on their lookbook, I like it so much with the matched skirt, but today I challenged myself to style it in a more casual way , wearing it with a polo shirt and a raw edgy hem jeans, for a modern yet still ladylike look.

In Chinese: 今天是美国的复活节,有过这节日的朋友,节日快乐哦!

今天穿的夹克来自于我亲爱的设计师朋友Vivian Chan’s 2014春季系列。第一次在她家的lookbook上看到这款夹克的时候就已经很倾心,我很喜欢这件夹克配上同质地的短摆裙,但今天想给自己一点挑战,让这件夹克创造出一种休闲风格,配予一件运动款上衣和一条毛脚年仔裤,在保留夹克原有的女性风格的同时,也富有现代气息。

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Apr 182014


Everybody has their “comfy zone” when styling –what I mean by “comfy” is not only something that feels comfortable on the body, but also something your mind feels comfortable with, and still makes you feel your own chic self.
Today’s outfit is what definitely within my “comfy zone” — midi skirt and long sleeve cardigan to help me to avoid expose too much skin when I don’t feel comfortable to show off my arms and legs, while the kitten heels make the whole outfit look nice, and they’re comfy to walk in, too. I believe once you’ve discovered your “comfy zone”, it always helps you to decide what to wear in some important occasions.  With today’s outfit, you can either switch the midi skirt to jeans for a more casual look, or wear a denim jacket or a blazer instead of the cardigan if you are more the “tomboy style” fan.

In Chinese: 我觉得每个人都有她有的穿衣的“舒适地带“,我所指的“舒适“并非仅仅穿着舒适,而且自己对所穿的也非常有自信,感觉非常好。


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