Denim Tank & White Trousers

HallieDaily: Denim Cami-White Pants-Dior Bag 4

What I wore: Aiko Denim Tank / 3.1 Phillip Lim White Trousers (black version here on sale) / Lady Dior Bag / Zara Blazer(old, similar here) / VANELi ‘Matilda’ Sandal / Prada Sunglasses

Yesterday we had a busy day. Before sending Red Bear to see his dentist, Bob and I finished a photo shoot, then Bob headed to his business meeting, and I took RB to visit his dentist; then. finally, we picked up my car from the mechanic so that we can drive it to Legoland this weekend.

This is normally the kind of outfit I wear during a “busy-errand day” — low heels, and a pair of comfy yet chic cut trousers. I like those cute bows on the denim top, they remind me that an “on-the-go” outfit can still be fun and cute, too.

In Chinese: 也不知怎的,日子过得越来越忙。昨天在去学校接RB去看牙医前,我和先生还赶着替一品牌拍片。接着马不停蹄的,先生又赶去开会,我就陪宝宝去看牙医,天黑前又把我的车送去整修,这个周末好安全的开去Legoland


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Travel Style: A Day in Newport Beach

HallieDaily: A Day in Newport Beach 1

One of the best things about living in our home base of Los Angeles is the access we have for amazing “day trip” options  for example, we’re not too far from all the beaches in Southern California.  Last weekend,  our family had a half-day getaway to Newport Beach for the boat show there, just a little retreat before our next “mini-vacation” to Legoland on Red Bear’s birthday this weekend.

Talking about travel, especially going to the beach, I know a lot of people like to wear flip-flops.  I’m not against wearing them, but for myself, I would rather wear sandals as a more stylish alternative.  But not many sandals are water-proof, so I normally go barefoot when walking on the beach.

I am so glad to find these Mox shoes(under $40!).  They are so soft, so lightweight, and practical, I strongly recommend them for all the active women on-the-go. Before I wore them last weekend to the beach, I had been wearing them all around the house, the garden, and the pool, too.  They are made from 100% man made rubber , so they are totally waterproof.  I cleaned them by brushing them in the water, or even you can even shower with them.

In Chinese: 住在南加州洛杉矶的最大一个好处就是去海滩方便,当天去当天回的。上个周末,我们一家小口抽了半天时间去了Newport海滩参观那里的游艇展。


能发现这种Mox 鞋(40美金不到),真是太开心不过了。很软,很轻,很舒服,可用性太强。非常推荐!在上个周末穿着这鞋去海边前,我就已经穿着这鞋在家里到处走,家居鞋也好,在花园里干活也好,在游泳池边玩也好,耐用跟脚还不刮脚。有点象以前小时候穿的塑料鞋,防水。平时清理就是用刷子在水里刷刷,懒的时候就洗澡的时候也顺便冲洗一下。

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Black & White, Stripe on Stripe

HallieDaily: Tibi Striped Skirt, Aquazzura Lace Up Sandals, White Button-down Shirt, Valentino Sunglasses

What I wore: Tibi Striped Skirt(Also here, and here ) / Aquazzura Lace Up Sandals / Zara White Button-down Oversized Shirt(from last year, similar here) / Valentino Sunglasses / Elisabeth Weinstock Clutch(c/o) / Clinique Lips(“Cherry Pop”, c/o) / Rue Gembon Rings & Necklace(c/o)

In my last post, I talked about stripes — striped pieces are perfect for layering, again, and they’re perfect piece for “mix and match,” too. I love this Tibi Striped skirt I wore today. The flexible cotton-blend material is very good for the summer — and the most surprising feature to me, is that you can cinch in your waist by using the ties! Such a smart design.

In Chinese: 在我的上篇博文,和大家聊起条纹,条纹衫是叠穿好单品,再次强调其也是混搭好单品。我喜欢今天穿的这条Tibi 家的条纹铅笔裙。棉质的布料软软的,很是适合夏天,而腰部的设计则让人意外,配有拉链的同时,腰前的蝴蝶结还可由自己控制,扎紧或扎松来调节腰围大小。我觉得这点子真不错。

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