Pastel Spring: Lace Top, Lace Skirt & Butterflies

Pastel Spring Style, Lace Skirt, Dior Shoes, Chanel Bag, via: HallieDaily

Happy Friday! Happy Spring!

What I wore: Lace top / Coat / J.Crew Lace Skirt /Chanel Mini Bag/ White Frame Sunglasses(no brand, similar here) / Dior Shoes/ PomeUS Butterfly Jewelry Set

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Blue Jean Baby: V-Neck Top & Hermes Scarf

Blue Jeans Babe, AG Jeans, Hermes Scarf, Gianvito Rossi Shoes, via: HallieDaily

Anybody in New York for the NYFW? I have a blogger friend who lives in New York, and she told me it’s 5F now in New York, and the snow is on and off.

I still miss all the fun we had when I attended the NYFW last winter, but I have to consider I’ve become a “California girl” now, and for that reason, I’m feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather in L.A. right now.  Harsh weather and Fashion Week fun doesn’t mix well.

Today‘s outfit is all about a statement top —  love those “unusual” sleeves, they will give every style a “fashion forward” twist.  The wind blew so strong the day when we were taking these pictures, it was so hard to keep the scarf and the top and my hair in a right place!  The worst part was Bob laughing and saying he enjoyed taking photos like these.

What I wore: AG Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (old, same style in white here)/ Gianvito Rossi Shoes / Georgia Alice Top / Vintage Hermes Scarf

In Chinese: 亲爱的朋友们大家好吗?纽约时装又开幕了,有去参加时装周的朋友吗?昨晚我在纽约的博主朋友SaSa和我说纽约现在已经零下15度了,还有可能会下雪。听起来好冷呀!



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Flower & Chanel

Flower Power, Alice & Olivia Floral Dress, Cashmere Sweater, Stuart Weitzman OTK Boot, Chanel Boy Bag, via: HallieDaily

Happy Tuesday, my dear friends!

How is weather in your place? We will have a about 90F weather today in L.A. Spring is here, and I can’t wait to see more flower blossoms around soon! A lot of my favorite photo shoot places are always around flowers, a lot of flowers. Also, better wear my OTK boots before it’s really too hot to wear them. And, whatever happened to our El Nino rains we were promised? Not so much, so far.

What I wore: Alice & Olivia Black and White Floral Dress(also love the skirt, too)/ Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater/ Ty-Lr Bow Jacket / Dior Sunglasses/  Stuart Weitzman “Highland Boots” OTK Boots/  Chanel “boy” Bag/ Lips

In Chinese: 亲爱的朋友们今天好吗?


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Happy Balance

Find Your Happy Balance in Life, via: HallieDaily

After a couple years of blogging, I still treat my blog as my little hobby, something to do after I finish all the “housewife” & “full-time mom” duties.  Most people ask me how do I keep the balance between each role of my life. For me, it’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

In Chinese: 写博客已经写了好几年,一直把写博当成一个小爱好,平时其实更多的时间还是与其他住家妈妈一样,忙点七七八八的事情。不少朋友问我说在平时生活写博都怎么协调各方面事情的。对我而言,幸福的生活就是能在工作与家人朋友间找到一个快乐的平衡点。

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