How to: Fall Layers & Pink Clutch

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I wore this outfit last week for an interview (no! I wouldn’t tell you more information about it). It was something I had to wear more in an “office style,” but it didn’t really require a “uniform”. My dress code was : decent, formal, yet still looking a little relaxed, and always feminine. (That doesn’t sound quite right, I know! )

Here was what I wore: Layering a summer silk cami on short-sleeve Tee shirt, put on a J.Crew blazer that I scored at an unbelievable sale last month, and the Ted Baker pink clutch cheered up the whole outfit (including me) to a happier level.

In Chinese: 上周的某天,穿着这身去参加一个面试(什么样的面试我就不多说了)。因为属于稍稍正式点的办公室场合,但是又不用穿制服的那种,所以我当天的穿衣代码就是:端庄,正式,但看上去还很休闲再带上些甜美气息。(这套穿衣代码听上去好象互相有点冲突哈。)

当天用西装和吊带衣和T恤衫做了叠穿,这件西装是上个月在 J.Crew 家的打折期买的白菜价,而这款Ted Baker家的正粉色柳钉手包则为整个人和整套搭配增加鲜活度。

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CELINE Turtleneck Sweater and H&M Full Midi Skirt

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I wore this outfit last week one night for a quick dinner out with my family. I was pretty tired that night, didn’t have energy, and not feeling too happy — I just wanted to go out, finish dinner, then go home and rest. .. I opened up my closet to change outfits to go out, was going to grab a tee-shirt and jeans, but suddenly, I changed my mind, finished the whole look by a very clean turtleneck paired with a full midi skirt, oh yes, a well fit / good quality midi full skirt for me is as comfy as jeans. Instead of slippers or sneakers (we’ve got to admit it’s not everybody who can pull off the midi skirt + sneakers trend, I am def one of them!). I wouldn’t lie, I can run with these low heels pumps. It’s funny that a little bit of heels can give the whole look a BIG difference!

During the dinner, a couple of ladies came to me, and said, they like my style, or they like my skirt…etc. I don’t know any of them, but I know I never get any compliments when I wear a Tee shirt + Jeans out as I was planning to. (Oh! For your information, Tee shirts and Jeans occupy 1/3 of my closet.)

I would say I only put a little bit of effort to change my look today, but received so many compliments that I didn’t expect. We say we always “try our best ” in everything, but in how many cases can we all make it? If we can’t, a little bit of effort every time would count, agree?

In Chinese: 上周的某天晚上,感觉不是很舒服,整个人疲累没有精神,当时想的就是赶紧换身衣服,和家人在外面随便吃点什么就快快回家休息。出门换衣,站在衣橱前,原本就只想着抓上件T恤衫和一条年仔裤换上就走,一转念,换上了这身套头衣加中裙的搭配。一条舒适合身的中长裙对我而言与穿年仔裤一样,随意简单。没有穿球鞋,没有穿现在流行的拖鞋,(还真的是得承认,不是每个人都适合那种中长裙加球鞋的搭配的,我就是其中一员。)这天脚上穿的短跟鞋,穿着跑都没有问题。跟不高,但是一一点跟就让整个人看上去精神很多。


我自己觉得,今天的穿着只是稍稍改变了一下,花了点小小机,却带来了意想不到的正面效果。 我们经常说做任何事情都要尽全力,但在很多事情上往往都做不到,如果我们无法在做每样事情时都尽全力,那么每次一点点的小努力最后也累积起来换来意想不到的好结果的,同意吗?

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Asymmetrical Scarf and Pointed Toe Boots

HallieDaily-CHRISTOPHE LEMAIRE Asymmetrical Scarf-Lanvin-Skirt-Vince-Booties 7
A wool scarf, printed tee and pointed toe boots to start the new week!

Happy Monday, every one!


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