Fall Must Have: Cape Style


I have had these picture( via: ALTAMIRA &MODELS) of Karlie Kloss in a classic cape coat during New York Fashion Week in my computer for a while; I have been seriously looking for a cape for this Fall.

This(below) Vince Camuto Notch Collar Cape Coat (via: Nordstrom) just caught my eyes, and I am ready to give it a try.

In Chinese: 在我的电脑里一直存有上面这两张模特Karlie Kloss在纽约时装周穿的斗篷搭配照(图片来源:ALTAMIRA  和MODELS))。一直很喜欢,也一直想要找件类似款的斗篷。

今天在Nordstrom 网站逛,发现以下图里的这件Vince Camuto 家的斗篷大衣,价位不错,款式简单大方,自己下单的同时,也推荐给你。