Moto Jacket & Eyelet Dress

HallieDaily: Lauren Ralph Lauren Linen Moto Jacket, Lace up Shoes

What I wore: Lauren Ralph Lauren Linen Moto Jacket/Donna Morgan Cotton Eyelet Fit & Flare Dress / TopShop Lace up Shoes(sold out, love this new wedges style) / Chanel Bag / Gentle Monster 56mm Round Sunglasses

Hi, Loves! We just picked up Red Bear from his school, and we’re getting ready for his Little League baseball practice. So I better keep this short. Talk soon!

In Chinese: 亲们!今天长话短说了,刚把RB从学校接回家,准备一下就得又出门去参加他的小棒球训练了。咱们改天有时间再长谈。

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Blue Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

HallieDaily: IRO Tweed Jacket, Frame Ripped Jeans, Celine Nano 10

What I wore: IRO “osaka” Tweed Jacket / Frame Denim Ripped Jeans / Zara Silk Blouse / Celine Nano Bag / Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps /Karen Walker Sunglasses

I know most of my friends like to see me wearing a skirt/dress in a very lady-like way, and that includes my husband, too.  But let’s be realistic: wearing a big skirt running around in a L.A. almost looks too different from what “normal people” normally people wear.  Here we see a lot of people wearing Tees, Jeans, ripped jeans, and maybe they throw on a jacket for a cold day.  I want to be different and unique sometimes, so I wear skirt/dress that makes me feel good.  But once in a while, being one of the “normal” L.A. people isn’t that bad!

In Chinese: 我知道不少朋友包括我先生在内,很喜欢看我穿大摆裙。但是有时候还得讲讲实际情况,成天在LA街上穿着大摆裙走还真是有点“特别”,因为街上走的人一律穿的T恤衫和牛仔裤,破洞牛仔裤就更是常见,冷天的时候就再加件夹克外套。很多时候我都独到独行,穿上让自己觉得舒服与大方的大摆裙,穿得与众不同。但有些时候,我也会穿得和街上走的大多人一样,时不时扮下LA风还蛮酷的。

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Beauty: A Little Bit of This & That

HallieDaily: Beauty, Favorite, Hair, Skin, Nail, Review 3

(At the first of the post, please allow me to declare: This is not a sponsored post — nobody paid me anything for the contents below.)

It’s been a while since last I talked about my beauty favorites. Recently people have been asking me how do I dye my hair, how do I keep fit, and what daily vitamins am I taking?

Today I decided to give out some of my “little bit of this and that secrets.”

In Chinese: (博文开始,请允许我首先声明:此博文非品牌赞助,没有任何人付与任何报酬让我写此文章)



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