Holiday Dressing: Ruffle Skirt and Red Lip Purse

HallieDaily-Milly Ruffle Skirt-Charlotte Olympia Lip Purse 13
An all-black holiday outfit today with some golden touch. I personal really love the red lips(the real ones) on red lips (the purse) look, very special and very glamorous. I wish all my beautiful friends enjoy Happy Holidays!

In Chinese: 今天穿的是一套节日黑色艳装,配予金饰。我个人非常喜欢红唇与红唇小包的搭配,非常独特,也很有奢华喜庆感。在此先提前预祝大家有个愉快的节日!

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Hat Style: Tory Burch Denim Bag and Distressed Jeans

HallieDaily:Blue Jean Babe-Tory Burch Bag-Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps JBrand Jeans-Rag And Bone Hat 4
The other day when I went shopping, the saleslady convinced me to buy this hat by saying, “This is our best selling hat, and it looks good on almost everybody.”  There were 2 other ladies trying the same hat while I was there, one is elder, and another one is teenage girl — I was very impressed that this hat looked good on both of them!  I wasn’t sure what color should I get, I believe the white one is more classic and can fit with more outfits than the pink one, but the store ran out of my hat size in the white, so I almost wanted to quit shopping and was ready for head back home and order the white one online.  But another salesman said something, “I like the pink one! It’s so special and rare and feminine, and pretty! ”  So the advice of a man and the spur of the moment, I bought the pink.  (When I got it home, my hubby said he likes it, too.)

Isn’t that funny that most of time men have different BEAUTY ideas than women?  But his words did give me a hint — most of my style is feminine, and a lot of my wardrobe comes in pink tones, and this hat will work better for me!

I am so glad I picked the pink one, it makes this basic winter blue outfit look a little special yet pretty.

Some of you have asked me to style more outfits that can be worn in very cold weather; I try to give you some inspiration these days, but seriously, the L.A. average 80F winter weather requires me to wear something light in the winter, and that includes bare legs sometimes!  But I will study the challenge.

In Chinese: 上个周末逛街的时候,被那个销售小姐说服买了这顶帽子,她说:“这顶帽子是我们这商场卖得最好的一顶帽子了,几乎人人戴上都好看。”当时刚好还有另外两个顾客也在试同一顶帽子,一个稍稍年纪大一些,另一个则是小女青年,还别说,两个人戴上都挺好看的。因为有蛮多款颜色,当时的我犹豫不决,感觉白色更为经典也好配衣服,差点就要走了,因为店里白色没有我的码,我想说是回家上网网购白色,另外一个销售男生出声了,他说:“我更喜欢粉色,看上去很特别,很漂亮,也很女人味。”




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Cozy Friday: Cable Sweater and Over The Knee Boots

HallieDaily-Cable Knit Sweater-Over-the-Knee Boots-Denim-Jacket

Rain, rain, rain again! Since last night, the rains have been pulling hard in L.A.; this might be the first big rain Red Bear has seen in his life.  Floods everywhere, that will be a big challenge for me to pick him up from school later.  Stay safe, everyone!  For extra excitement last night, a skunk tried to go into our garage to get out of the rain, and our dogs chased him away, but not before he left his skunk perfume — good thing the rain washed it away soon!

Today I want to show you my cozy outfit for a chilly day like today. I love the pattern on this J.Crew cable sweater, and as for these over-the-knee boots, be prepared to see me wearing them a lot this winter!

In Chinese: 下雨了!下雨了!我们这昨晚下了一晚的大雨,早上起来到处都在积水,估计这是RB长这么大见过的最大的一场雨。希望一会我去学校接RB放学的时候积水已经去除。祝亲爱的大家出门平安!


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