In Pink: Pink Lace Set and Blush Pink Trench

Halliedaily: Affordable Fashion-in Pink-Lace Pencil Skirt-Lace Top-Sandals Spring Style 12

Hi, Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

Many friends asked me to recommend some affordable fashion items to them. Thank you again for people who give me advice and suggestions for my blog — I think I am going to start a section call “Affordable Fashion” on my blog from today.  I hope you like it!

Head over to the end of this post and find out how much in total for this very Spring-y pink lace set.

In Chinese:周日晚上,我们这下雨了,呆电脑前写博文向你问好。



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Denim Overalls and Red Accents

HallieDaiy: Alexa Chung for AG Denim Overall-Chanel Red Boy Bag 6

Happy Friday! Everyone!

It seems I have been living with these pretty trees recently. Posted them a lot in all of my social media accounts, and I think most of you like them, too.

The funny part, when we were taking these pictures, a security guy came out from the nearby business to see what we were doing. I was afraid he would ask us to leave or not allow us to take pictures, because we were near an airport, and we have learned that security can be pretty tight in those places. But he said, “Those are very pretty trees, aren’t they?” Then he showed us the pictures he took with these same trees with his phone. and then he encouraged us to take more pictures. Ha-ha…I thought that was pretty funny! Wish you have a Happy Weekend ahead!

In Chinese: 亚洲的朋友们周末好!




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Spring Colors: Printed Blouse on Printed Full Skirt

HallieDaily-Colorful Style-Printed Top-Floral Full Skirt-Mulberry Bag-White Collar 2

Hello, Spring!

We are still feeling a little chilly during the early mornings and late nights here in L.A., but mostly we are lucky enough to embrace the beautiful Spring environment. What can I call this outfit besides a very colorful Spring style? Well, my husband (the photographer) says it’s perfect for Easter. :)

Wish you have a beautiful day there!

In Chinese: 美好的春天在这里!

虽说在洛杉矶早晚的天气还是有点凉 ,但是白天很多时候,我们都很幸运的感受到了春天的美好气息。今天的这套搭配,我称做是鲜艳的春季混搭,按我先生(照相的那个人)说,复活节穿很合适。哈哈,一针见血,服他了。


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