Fall Forward: Yellow Sweater and Embroidered Skirt

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Hi, Everyone! Happy Monday!

My husband/photographer Bob was gone on a business trip for the last week or so, and therefore I didn’t take any new pictures while he was gone, and while we were having a real heat-wave in Los Angeles. So I’m sorry to show you an outfit we shot before his trip that doesn’t relate to the very hot Summer weather. But this is something I would still want to wear this Fall, a plain sweater with a floral print, or embroidered skirt, with some fun accessories. If you are not into bold color like me, exchange the top and the shoes for some of your other favorite basic colors.

In Chinese: 大家新的一周好!



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Bring On Summer: New Beauty Favorite


Along with putting on a lot of sunscreen everyday,  summer also means some new skin care and make-up…

I’m making a big effort to swap my heavier winter products for some lighter options. My skin has more problems in Summer, it goes from dry-combination to oily, together with some dark spots that come after too much Sun everyday.  I am not saying that I stay in the sun everyday, but living in L.A. means we have sunlight from 6 AM – 8PM, almost all Summer long. Having sun here is just like breathing the air everyday: you can’t avoid it.

So I started trying and experimenting with a lot of new skin care and make-up samples.  After a few weeks of testing all kinds of samples from many different brands, so far, here are some of my favorites:

For skin care, I like the LANEIGE Hydration system, makes my face feel very moist, without looking greasy, and I also love their BB cushion.  I have all the color tones, and I like to play with all the shadows and highlights by using different color tones. They are very light, with adequate coverage.  Plus the SPF 50 + , you can’t beat that!

My all time favorite facial toner is still this SK-II treatment essence, a bit pricy for a toner, but totally worth it.  I been using it for years, and just think I can’t live without it.  Use it in the morning and at night before I go to bed, before applying all the other skin lotion.

Last but not least, here is my new favorite ‘FALSE EYELASHES” Plush Mascara by Prescriptives, It works just like the  name itself.  When I use this product, my lashes really do look false (in a good way!)…and I only use one coat.

Let’s be beautiful for the Summer!

You can shop the post by clicking the images below:

In Chinese: 今天来聊聊我在这个夏天里的几款新美容护肤品,夏天除了每天抹防晒霜,当然美容护肤品也与冬季不一样。



在皮肤护理方式,我喜欢用这套兰芝家的保温系列,抹上脸部感觉特别滋润,但不会起油,价位与在美国的其他品牌相比不算高。还喜欢用她家的BB 霜,三款色系我都用,用不同色在脸部打造阴影和高光,遮盖效果与其他粉底相比,比较轻,但白天妆容已经足够。再加上SPF值50+,夏天使用真的很好。

我一直以来都在用SK-II 的保湿水,对于一般保湿水而言,这款价位非常高,但是很值,早晚各用一次,感觉特别滋润。

最后,要介绍下我新近喜欢的睫毛膏,来自Prescriptives家的 “假睫毛”膏,听名字就有点惊人,效果与确实不错,只刷一遍就出效果,不打结,还有拉长和丰盈的效果。