Kisses: Red Lips Sweater and Red Dress

Red Lips Sweater and Red Kate Spade Dress 5

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?

Bob is away from the country for a week, and Red Bear and I have been taking care of each other. So far, we went shopping, went to the park, and went hiking. We had fun on the weekend, but at the same time, we miss Dad very much.

Back to today’s outfit, a lot of layering: dress + white button down shirt + sweater, pairing a Daniel Wellington Men’s style watch and an oversized clutch to keep the whole look feminine but not too girly. (Bob likes the men’s watch very much, and he might want to take it from me when he gets home!)

In Chinese: 大家好吗?你们的周末过得可好?



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Weekend Inspiration: Striped Sweater and Midi Full Skirt

Weekend Inspiration: Striped Sweater and Midi Full Skirt

Something that I would like to wear almost any day this Fall: a striped sweater is a must have! I have had many striped tops, but this Alice + Olivia wool sweater that comes with white collar is a nice one, and will be a perfect addition for my Fall closet. You have seen me wearing the same style Tome skirt here, I like the same Tome full midi Skirt in new Navy color, so rich and beautiful. Touching up with peach lips, and a red Helmut Lang clutch.  Dressing up with these Oscar de la Renta bow pumps, or going with a classic casual style with these Sole Society red bow flats.

In Chinese: 去年的一张图,一直留在我的脑海,今年秋季,我继续还想尝试的就是这款搭配,条纹毛衣加宽摆中长裙。虽说衣橱里已经有了多件条纹上衣,但是这件Alice + Olivia 家的毛衣还带有白领子,看上去特别优雅,一定是我秋季衣橱里不可缺少的单品。在这篇博文你有见过我穿的这条来自TOME家的裙子,裙子不重,款型也很独特。今年Tome 同类款还推出了深兰色,颜色太美太美。整款搭配配予桃色口红,和一款 红色的 Helmut Lang 家的手包。正式场合配上这双 Oscar de la Renta 的小蝴蝶结高跟鞋,平常做休闲优雅款可以配上这双Sole Society家的红色蝴蝶结平底鞋。

Main picture via: We the People